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You just have terrible impulse control" (390). Afterwards, she is disappointed that he still doesn't plan to marry her and she leaves upset. Well then they fight a duel and the hero is injured and that's about all I remember- sorry I don't think that's much help but I'm hoping someone will know! 2. I've been trying to figure this out for days! Sadly, I do not remember much about either book. This is what I remember: a woman was at a wedding where she learned her friend the bride was going to be kidnapped.

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Ravencliffe (A Blythewood Novel)

The Fire Wish (Jinni Wars)

The Clearing

Thanks to all those who are trying to help me... I stumbled upon it by accident when I went to the bookstore to get a book my brother ordered and it happens that they had a sale so I went looking around... :)) Can someone pls help me... I cant remember the name of the book or the author but I think the heroine`s name is emma or something.. the book starts with the funeral of heroin`s father...and the plot somewhat goes like this.... the heroine`s father dies but leaves a condition for his daughter to marry the guy he has chosen who happens to be the hero ( The heroine`s father had a feud with the Hero for a long time & wants to make hero`s life miserable even after he is dead).. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender. The merchant's wife was at one time very poor. She has a brother who also lives at the home. There was a sister named Anna, but she died leaving behind two children. The heroine and the brother (hero) develop a friendship/romance. meanwhile the sister is trying to set him up with women of her acquaintance. There's one scene where the heroine, the hero, and the children are having tea with a doll dubbed "fortuna hunter", making fun of the women who come to call Kissing Shakespeare. Music brings comfort, happiness, a connection to your spirituality and faith, and also helped me endure some soul-searching moments of darkness and despair Scotland Destiny: Sweetly Romantic Time Travel Mini-Adventures (Eternal Time Shadows Book 4). A girl meets a boy but then he is murdered by a woman who is a witch Delusion online? Around Christmas, I had made no real progress and I began to panic. How was I going to break the news to my husband that I had nothing to show for my four months of “full-time writing” at home Princess Wanted: An Alpha Billionaire Prince Series (Three Princes Need A Wife - Book 3 - The Royal Ball)? I got three books that I need help finding (one is driving me "bonkers" 'cause I didn't like it the first time around, but message #21 sounds like it and I thought I knew the name, and the more I try to remember ahh...) 1ST: The title of the book is JEWEL. It's a "My Fair Lady" sort of plot, with the heroine: Julia/Jewel rising from the bowels of the poor to the high living of the aristocracy and her hero (Sebastian) being her "I've got time on my hands to turn a tramp into a lady" guide Still Star-Crossed.

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The Hero told the Heroine that the PI woman not his mistress but his PI hired to look his parent so he can be worthy of her. I have been going crazy trying to remember the title and author of a book set in the Middle Ages I think and if I remember correctly the heroine was kidnapped and held for ransom by the hero, who had some kind of scar or injury from the crusades The Guardian (Chronicles of Dover's Amalgam) (Volume 1). I wrote nine books for Robert Hale, the first more than ten years ago, and then sixteen for DC Thomson – all these were Regency. I'd also written four World War II romantic sagas and one very long Victorian family saga Love, Lies and Spies. I am exhausted with the overt sex sex sex in all new novels. As far as I’m concerned a beautiful kiss and a flower have me feeling more romantic and lovely than describing my husbands hot loins, ha ha, and my wet longing… good grief, really… it’s the romance that leads us up the path… And as much as I like sex, I don’t want to read about a man being hard, lol… it does nothing for me, and neither do I wish to read about the bad guy in the novel ‘thrusting himself’ between the ‘ignorant’ girl in the novel’s thighs… and having their ‘just sex’ sex described to me (a.k.a. ‘Longing’ by Mary Balogh)… No thank you, don’t want to read about the bad guys sex’ good guys sex is too much as it is download Delusion pdf.

Distant Waves: A Novel of the Titanic

Sleeping Jenny (Timesurfers)

I don't remember details at this point... but she ends up thinking he is still having an affair; and he ends up telling her the truth... and that they will likely not have any more children because his doctor said it probably wouldn't happen again Banished (Forbidden). On a trip to Scotland with her researcher-husband, who has inherited a cache of local historical records, she sneaks up on a coven of witches dancing around a set of ancient standing-stones and ends up falling through the stones into the past A Death-Struck Year. I definitely remember that she's a virgin, but she doesn't tell him and when they are being intimate he's shocked and upset when he realizes it's her first time. I don't remember much else other than they end up together in the end. If anyone can help I would deeply appreciate it and I would be forever grateful. actually i know the title of the book i'm looking for. the thing is, i couldn't find it everywhere. it's saturday's child by dallas schulze. i've tried amazon but it didn't work. is there someone who can help me Salt & Storm? When he finds out that she's on the chair, her insists to take a out anyway partly because he doesn't want her to believ that he's so shallow and partly because he really did like her epub. In the front cover of the book there was this girl, which was the protagonist, I remember I saw some more books with the same girl, so I guess it was a series download. It's one in a series and is set in either Ireland/Scotland. The heroine is staying in a cottage on her sister & husband's land (one of the previous books I think) and one day while walking in the fields she stumbles back in time and falls in love with a huge and gorgeous Scot. Somehow they both jump forward in time escaping a bad witch & man, but when they arrive it turns out the Scot was pushed forward in time 10 years before the heroine & now he doesn't remember her Legacy of the Clockwork Key (The Secret Order).

Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin Trilogy (Hardcover))

Of Metal and Wishes

Fools' Gold (Order of Darkness)

A Prince Without a Kingdom (Vango)

The Smile

The Dividing Sea (Sisters of the Quantock Hills)

Banished (Forbidden)

Past Lives

Dancer, Daughter, Traitor, Spy

The Vanishing Point

The Appearance of Annie van Sinderen

The Color of Water (The Color of Earth)

White Heat: Book Two of the Perfect Fire Trilogy

Salt & Storm

Just Jane: A Daughter of England Caught in the Struggle of the American Revolution (Great Episodes)

Bitterblue (Graceling Realm Book 3)

Loving Will Shakespeare

Gone, Gone, Gone

Cross Tides


Here goes: I believe it was an ongoing series that focused on more than one lead. I know one of the h was dealing with a bad guy sexy pirate that she was becoming attracted to The Appearance of Annie van Sinderen. In truth, romance has its good and bad books just like any other genre. Some are brilliant and some will make you feel ill. But there is something special to be said about bad romance novels: they illustrate gender roles better than any other form of media The Joys of Love. The setting in the book I read was England, is that correct? BTW do you really spell it FOSYTHE, without an R? Suge, I have googled and googled, and can't find the book you're talking about...doesn't help that there is a romance author named Fosythe, either #06 Wrapped Up in You (My Boyfriend Is a Monster)! McKeone, Dixie: The Winter Picnic — HR, RGC, 1987 654. McKinney, Meagan: Fair Is The Rose — HR, WA, 1993, series 655 Tomorrow, The River. But the Welsh were quick to take up its use, becoming experts The World Outside. Because of this, he thinks he's going insane until Gabe has an accident on a ship, gets knocked unconscious and he discovers the truth. I seriously could go on and tell you the entire storyline, but I can't for the life of me remember the title or the author. I'm in search of a book that i read in the 80's or early 90's. It was a contemporary romance, possibly a Harlequin Presents or Silhouette Desire. unfortunately I don't remember the plot or title Cursed. I've been looking for this book for years, and haven't found it. :( Okay, I threw some more keywords, came up with a less blurred memory of the front cover and found it. It is a modern/contemporary Romance set in Australia. I think I remember Adelaide and Queensland mentioned. A woman goes back "home" to be with her Dad who is ill...pretty sure this was Adelaide area Jessamine's Folly. There is a romance book I have been trying to find for many years. When I was in high school, back in the early 80's, I read a historical romance where the hero had been unsuccessfully hung, taken care of by the heroine, and then both were for some reason (i don't remember) sentenced to go aboard a ship for the new world That Burning Summer. I also believe she ends up at a saloon/hotel and while she's sleeping a guys walks in either the wrong room or someone sends him up there on purpose. She ends up going to live with him and his family. There's a scene where they have sex by the lake on his property. Then she gets kidnapped and he has to go rescue her The Beautiful and the Cursed (Dispossessed). Sorry #127 Websbolt I just realized it couldn't be that book because that book was only released a couple weeks before you posted this but from what I remember it is a good book with the same storyline if you wanted to give it a go as well... sorry, I'll keep looking for the other book you were looking for :) I'm trying to find a book about a romance in Australia Magic Bitter, Magic Sweet. I'm busy writing a new Regency historical romance. Be sure to check my Facebook author page for giveaways and sneak peaks of my new book. If not, it's easy to sign up and loads of fun with books, recipes, and crafts Letters from the Coffin-Trenches. Need help finding a historical regency book I read within the pass year or so, think I borrowed it off of amazon. One of the early parts of the book have the heroine and her younger sister walk up and down the hall waiting to learn who is calling on their brother or brother in law. The younger is hoping it is the man she is madly in love with, believe he is a duke pdf.