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Another significant segment of the diversity was the Chinese, who hoped to find gold and return to their homeland. Christmas cards also made modest but suitable presents. '[W]orn out from choosing gifts' for old friends and school mates, one writer noted, 'we usually fall back on Christmas cards, which constitute one of the most precious and at the same time inexpensive contributions of these latter days to the neglected cause of sentiment'. A series of colonial conferences were held, and members of the various colonial parliaments discussed and debated what a proposed federation of British North America should look like.

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The United States has also proposed the establishment of a Transatlantic Economic Partnership (TEP) which would open trade between the United States and the EU Behind the Blue and Gray: The Soldier's Life in the Civil War (Young Readers' History of the Civil War). Also in 1900 Frank Hornby invented a toy called meccano. In the 19th century well off people lived in very comfortable houses. (Although their servants lived in cramped quarters, often in the attic). However to us middle class homes would seem overcrowded with furniture, ornaments and nick-knacks. The electric light bulb was invented in 1879 but at first electric light was expensive Chasing Lincoln's Killer. Unlike European immigrants who came in family groups, this immigration was primarily by males seeking work with the ultimate goal of returning to China. Very few Chinese women immigrated during this period and the few who came to California were already or became prostitutes. Chinese immigration began in 1820 and exploded during the 1848 Gold Rush Populism & the Election of 1896. What do these lines suggest about Antin’s relationship to the past? Consider how Antin develops the commonly used metaphors of Old World and New World to refer, respectively, to Eastern Europe and the United States. What does she mean when she writes, “I began life in the Middle Ages” (p. xiii) download Lost In Death Valley:The True pdf? Groups of Native Americans are found most numerously in the southwestern states of Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, and California. The 1960s and 1970s saw successful court fights by Native Americans in Alaska, Maine, South Dakota, and other states to regain tribal lands or to receive cash settlements for lands taken from them in violation of treaties during the 1800s. The black population in 2000 was estimated at 34,658,190, with the majority still residing in the South, the region that absorbed most of the slaves brought from Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries A Timeline History of the Mexican-American War (Timeline Trackers: Westward Expansion). Americans took note of these events, and many thought we should pursue a foreign policy with similar goals Gettysburg Address.

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Applicants need to demonstrate that they are indeed genuinely entitled to the visa they are applying for. Face-to-face interviews (where the official needs to be convinced that you are not a "potential immigrant") at the nearest U. S. embassy or consulate are required for almost all nationalities, and waits for interview slots and visa processing can add up to several months China Trade in Growing America 1783-1843. This would eventually tear the country apart in the conflagration of Civil War. But a decade or two earlier, sectionalism was still viewed as a way to celebrate a region's uniqueness, whether of New England, the South, or of frontier settlements Voices from Colonial America: Texas 1527-1836: 1527 - 1836 (National Geographic Voices from ColonialAmerica). A large part of this process was the widespread acceptance of germ theory. It was evident that poor living conditions—polluted water, overcrowding, spoiled food, etc.—were contributing to the spread of disease, but the science behind this could not be explained. It seemed that the only way to solve New York’s health problems was a massive investment in social programs for better housing and sewage systems, but also an expressed emphasis on personal hygiene The Trail of Tears: Removal in the South (Landmark Events in Native American History).

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In the photograph on the parade ground, the concertinas take the lead, with their immediate band members following close behind. A brass band and a number of singers, hymn books in hand, round out the parade, along with a two standard bearers, one of which is carrying a furled American flag The Scandinavian American Family Album (American Family Albums). Nevertheless, it is true, as well stated by one of the superintendents of Indian Affairs in 1857, that “so long as they are not citizens of the United States, their rights of property must remain insecure against invasion. The doors of the federal tribunals being barred against them... Reconstruction (American Voices from). Calls made between these countries are dialed using only the full 11-digit number, but almost all are charged at international rates. S. and its territories may be more expensive than calls within the contiguous 48 states and D Reconstruction After the Civil War. Jewish American immigrants turned to Socialism in response to their experiences on both sides of the Atlantic. Many Jews in late 19th-century Eastern Europe had endured downward socio-economic mobility as traditional Jewish economic niches were undermined by the expanding industrial capitalist system Now Is Your Time! The African-American Struggle for Freedom. The magnitude of the sacrifice must depend as well on situation and circumstance, as on the object to be obtained. It is at all times difficult to draw with precision the line between those rights which must be surrendered, and those which may be preserved; and, on the present occasion, this difficulty was increased by a difference among the several States as to their situation, extent, habits, and particular interests Realism and Regionalism: (1860-1910) (Backgrounds to American Literature). They also wanted to prevent foreign-born people from ever holding public office. Economic recovery after the 1844 depression reduced the number of serious confrontations for a time, as the country seemed to be able to use all the labor it could get. But Nativism returned in the 1850s with a vengeance Bleeding, Blistering, and Purging: Health and Medicine in the 1800s (Daily Life in America in the 1800s).

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Tecumseh's successful military resistance continued and threatened white settlements throughout the northwest. S. plans in the northwest that when he was finally killed at the Battle of the Thames in October 1813 it was seen as a major American victory even though it meant quite little strategically. The Louisiana Purchase of 1803 intensified American migration to the west that was already well underway How to Analyze the Works of Frederick Douglass (Essential Critiques). In the second half of the century, new pits were opened in every British coalfield, but notably in South Wales, aided by the new technology that facilitated deep mining and coal extraction Westward Expansion: Reference Library. Thus Fanny Wright became, as it were, an example of the problems of marriage that she had worked to end. Victoria Woodhull also promoted a variety of causes including free love, and when she ran for president embraced the title Free Love for her platform. In a famous scandal of the 19th century, she exposed an affair by the preacher Henry Ward Beecher, believing him to be a hypocrite for denouncing her free love philosophy as immoral, while actually practicing adultery, which in her eyes was more immoral Immigrants Come to America 1870-1930. Neil Simon (b.1927) is among the nation's most popular playwrights and screenwriters. August Wilson (1945–2005) won the Pulitzer Prize twice, for Fences (1985) and The Piano Lesson (1990), both of which depicted the African American experience. Two renowned painters of the early period were John Singleton Copley (1738–1815) and Gilbert Stuart (1755–1828) The Politics of Slavery: Fiery National Debates Fueled by the Slave Economy (Slavery in American History). In order to gather information to create this map and others, staff from Hull House and the federal Bureau of Labor went through the neighborhood house by house and asked residents about their ethnic origins, their work and wages, and the number of people in their households United States History: Student Edition CD-ROM Beginnings to 1914. No Senator or Representative shall, during the Time for which he was elected, be appointed to any civil Office under the Authority of the United States which shall have been created, or the Emoluments whereof shall have been increased during such time; and no Person holding any Office under the United States, shall be a Member of either House during his Continuance in Office How to Get Rich on the Oregon Trail. Foster was to reform the minstrel shows that had so profoundly influenced him Pirate Lafitte and the Battle of New Orleans, The. Although much of the study done on woman’s roles during this period looks at the roles of the emerging urban middle class or those of immigrant women, the changes that occurred affected rural women, too. The "Cult of Domesticity, " first named and identified in the early part of the century, was solidly entrenched by late nineteenth century, especially in rural environments Billy Yank (GIS) (G.I.: The Illustrated History of the American Soldier, His Uniform, & His Equipment (Chelsea House)). Robert Palmer writes that "United States v. Cruikshank accomplished the nullification of the fourteenth amendment that scholars traditionally attribute to Slaughter-House." Palmer, The Parameters of Constitutional Reconstruction: Slaughter-House, Cruikshank, and the Fourteenth Amendment, 1984 U. Palmer argues that Justice Waite's opinion in Cruikshank misread Slaughter-House, and wrongly assumed that state and federal privileges and immunities were absolutely distinct Susan B. Anthony: Fighter for Women's Voting Rights (Legendary American Biographies).