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Among distinguished instrumentalists born in the United States are Benny Goodman (1909–86), a classical as well as jazz clarinetist, and concert pianist Van Cliburn (Harvey Lavan, Jr., b.1934). Close examination of her work reveals a sophisticated and complex use of color, modeling, and rhythmically patterned composition, all evidence of an extensively trained artist. In 1885, a German named Erlenmeyer published the first attacks on cocaine as a possibly addicting drug, and two years later Freud himself discontinued use and prescription of the drug, partially due to cocaine's harmful effects on the friend for whom he had originally prescribed it for pain (Brecher, 1972).

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Yet the academic approach to the picture is indicated in the garb of the fisherman who so obviously wears his best shirt and bowtie as he poses for his portrait while simultaneously sporting "typical" fisherman's gear like the oilcloth hat and slicker The Orphan Trains (Essential Events). What helped make the United States the world’s largest industrial employer in the late 19th century? ... United States holds the world’s largest ... The late 19th-century United States is probably best known for the ... enforce an industrial ... large numbers of workers in the late 19th century. ... cities in the United States grew at a dramatic rate. .. The Sante Fe Trail (Jackdaw). Seizures of US ships and the impressment of US seamen by the British navy led the administration to pass the Embargo Act of 1807, under which no US ships were to put out to sea. After the act was repealed in 1809, ship seizures and impressment of seamen by the British continued, and were the ostensible reasons for the declaration of war on Britain in 1812 during the administration of James Madison The President's House: 1800 to the Present : the Secrets and History of the World's Most Famous Home. Outstanding figures in the motion picture industry are D. W. (David Lewelyn Wark) Griffith (1875–1948), Sir Charles Spencer "Charlie" Chaplin (b. England, 1889–1978), Walter Elias "Walt" Disney (1906–66), and George Orson Welles (1915–85). John Ford (1895–1973), Howard Winchester Hawks (1896–1977), Frank Capra (b. Italy, 1897–1991), Sir Alfred Hitchcock (b. England, 1899–1980), and John Huston (1906–87) were influential motion picture directors; Mel Brooks (Kaminsky, b.1926), George Lucas (b.1944), and Steven Spielberg (b.1947) have achieved remarkable popular success Wild Bill Hickok (Legends of the Wild West). The court considered the Second Amendment to be applicable to the states--to protect an individual's right to carry a gun for personal defense--but held that a state law which banned only carrying concealed did not violate the Second Amendment. (256) Subsequent cases in 1856 (257) and 1858 (258) reaffirmed this holding The New South and the Old West 1866-1890 (Discovering U.S. History).

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Union membership increased rapidly, and the dominance of the American Federation of Labor was challenged by the newly formed Congress of Industrial Organizations, which organized workers along industrial lines. The depression of the 1930s was worldwide, and certain nations attempted to counter economic stagnation by building large military establishments and embarking on foreign adventures A Little House Traveler: Writings from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Journeys Across America (Little House Nonfiction). In 1970, non-white minority groups accounted for 16 percent of the population, but by 1998 these groups accounted for 27 percent of the population and estimates are that by 2050, minorities will account for more than 50 percent of the population. Currently, whites make up 72.2 percent of the population Davy Crockett (Lone Star Legends Series) (Frontier Legends). Supplemented by auscultation, it revolutionized the methods of medicine, making possible exact diagnosis.. Auscultation is accomplished by means of the stethoscope. By its use it is practicable to deter-mine the condition of heart and lungs by listening to the sounds produced by their movements download Quick-Draw Gunfighters (True Tales of the Wild West) pdf.

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The three major chains are Pilot/Flying J, TA/Petro, and Love's. These generally have 24-hour restaurants, including "all you can eat" buffets and large breakfasts, often served in skillets. You are most likely to find such a restaurant at a TA or Petro (most truck stops also have national fast food outlets) The Italian American Family Album (American Family Albums). This so-called "iteration advertising" eventually led to the breakdown of the every-ad-the-same-size rule. In 1861, the last remaining duty on newspapers was lifted in England. Still, only a few manufacturers believed that advertising was necessary. Generally, advertising was widely held in contempt. Unsubtle, repetitive phrases typified ads in the latter part of the century Quick-Draw Gunfighters (True Tales of the Wild West) online. Whiskey, the traditional choice, remains popular despite the increased popularity of vodka and other clear spirits. Whiskey is distilled from many different grains McDougal Littell Middle School American History Pennsylvania: Student Edition Grades 6-8 Beginnings to 1914 2008. Without the benefit of indoor plumbing, dishes had to be cleaned with water hauled in from the well, then the dirty sink water hauled back out again. Most women made due with a splash from a water pitcher Breaking The Chains. Systematic and scientific research under liberal and favorable conditions will make the hospitals of the twentieth century the very sources of life The Underground Railroad (Great Escapes). The plain is narrow in New England but reaches a maximum width of about 320 kilometers (200 miles) farther south. Between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains is a vast area of grasslands and plains, which extends from the coastal plains of the south well into northern Canada Sterling Point Books®: The Barbary Pirates. When placed against a black background (such as glass backed with black varnish), however, these ambrotypes, as they came to be called, appeared positive. Like daguerreotypes, ambrotypes�which were popular from 1855 to about 1865�were usually placed in protective cases. Tintypes, invented in 1856 by Hamilton L. Smith, used the same wet collodion process that was involved in making ambrotypes The Cold War (American History).

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Ingalls later moved to Newbury, Vermont where he wrote more sacred music. His music has remained popular with various choruses, like the Old Stoughton Musical Society, whose favorite Ingalls tune has been NEW JERUSALEM. 1814 "The Star-Spangled Banner" (original title: "Defence of Fort McHenry") was written by Francis Scott Key [above portrait] and set to the tune of "Anacreon in Heaven." S. population, most Americans can name several famous American Muslims. Names like Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Mos Def, Fareed Zakaria, Shaquille O’Neal, Lupe Fiasco, Dr. Oz and Rima Fakih are part of our popular consciousness. Important business figures like Farooq Kathwari (CEO of Ethan Allen), Malik M Benjamin Franklin: Inventing America (Oxford Portraits). Rev. 632, 653 (1981) (noting that Hawkins sought to interpret the criminal laws based on principles of justice and reasonableness). Coke's treatise was written to defend civil liberties and the common law against monarchial absolutism. Paraphrasing Ovid, Coke noted that "the laws permit the taking up of arms against armed persons." 3 Coke, supra, at 162; see also Halbrook, That Every Man Be Armed, supra note 1, at 19 (citing Ovid, Artis Amatoriae III (line 492), in 2 Ovid 118, 152-53 (J Africa: The Struggle for Independence (World History Library). From the 1860s through the 1880s, Russian radicals, collectively known as Populists (Narodniki), focused chiefly on the peasantry, whom they identified as "the people" (narod ). The leaders of the Populist movement included radical writers, idealists, and advocates of terrorism. In the 1860s, Nikolay Chernyshevskiy, the most important radical writer of the period, posited that Russia could bypass capitalism and move directly to socialism (see Glossary) Freedom Roads: Searching for the Underground Railroad. In 1963, a National Geographic survey found that only 300,000 acres of redwood forest form the original two million acres remained. Industrial interests have long battled with ecological interests over the condition of American forests Good Brother, Bad Brother: The Story of Edwin Booth and John Wilkes Booth. The current account deficit ballooned to record levels, and consumer spending was increasingly tied to prices in the over inflated housing market. The government ran a deficit of $412 billion in 2004, or 3.6% of GDP, but the deficit was forecast to narrow to $331 billion in 2006. Analysts projected that US deficits would average about 3.5% of GDP until about 2015 Breaking Ground, Breaking Silence: The Story of New York's African Burial Ground (Coretta Scott King Author Honor Books). Thus, more than three-quarters of the African born arrived in the United States in the last two decades. In terms of earlier arrivals, 13.7 percent of African-born immigrants came to the United States between 1980 and 1989, 6.5 percent between 1970 and 1979, and just 3.2 percent prior to 1970 The Civil War: A History in Documents (Pages from History). Only Florida, with the Gulf of Mexico lying to its west, experiences moderate differences between summer and winter temperatures The Gold Rush: Buried Treasure (High Interest Books: Trailblazers of the West). Per capita health care expenditures rose from $247 in 1967 to about $3,380 in 1993. National health care spending reached $1 trillion in 1996 and was projected to reach $1.9 trillion by 2006. Hospital costs, amounting to over $371 billion in 1997, represented 34% of national health care spending in that year Susan B. Anthony: Fighter for Women's Voting Rights (Legendary American Biographies). But the treaty was eventually signed, and when Jefferson reported to the Congress in 1806, in the written equivalent of the president's State of the Union Address, he said the Barbary States would now respect American commerce. The issue of piracy off Africa faded into the background for about a decade A Timeline History of the Mexican-American War (Timeline Trackers: Westward Expansion).