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Economic motives were paramount for others. Consequently, many Americans bought British goods rather than American goods, hurting American manufacturers. Extensive, thick, and close to the surface, it has stoked the furnaces of northeastern steel mills for decades and helps explain the huge concentration of heavy industry along the lower Great Lakes. That is to say, in both of these charts, the cemetery has lower life expectancy than the new life tables in the earlier decades but reverses later on, so that the cemetery has higher life expectancy than the new life tables.

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In Europe, popular unrest led to a dramatic political shift to the left. The Labor Party government elected in the United Kingdom in 1945 established a new National Health Service, and nationalized mining, the railroads, and the Bank of England California's Gold Rush (Essential Events (ABDO)). The cattle then traveled east, destined for packing houses. The cattle industry began to grow rapidly as railroads made the business more profitable. Large-scale ranchers profited though the cowboys who drove the herds contended with dull lives and difficult jobs. By the 1880s, the open-range cattle industry extended from Texas to the Dakotas Amer Industrial Society in the (Primary Sources of America's Industrial Society in the 19th). Journal of Psychedelic Drugs, Spring, 1972, 3, (2), pp. 22-30. Can 35 million Americans be wrong about pot?" August 15, 1977, 110, (7) p. 8.. "An Elegy for the New Left." Brecher, Edward M. and the editors of Consumer Reports American War Library - The Civil War: Strategic Battles. Surprisingly, Britain lagged behind France, the United States, and Germany for self-propelled vehicles: most British cars were manufactured from German parts. The Victorian era remains the height of Britain's technological achievement. The emergence of Britain in the Victorian period as the world's most powerful trading nation was the direct result of the process of industrialisation that had transformed the country since the latter part of the 18th century Breaking New Ground: American Women 1800-1848 (Young Oxford History of Women in the United States). In France, where the Socialist Léon Blum led a Popular Front government, and the United States, during Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal, membership rose by 160 percent 1933-38. But membership grew by 33 percent in eight other countries even without openly pro-labor governments The California Gold Rush (In American History). Maurice Richter's 1859 The Municipalist examined the relationship between local and federal power. He argued that many provisions of the Bill of Rights would make sense in Europe as restraints on central power, but that these provisions were of no use in the United States, since the national government had no affirmative power to violate those rights American Revolution Reference Library.

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Native Americans (including Alaskan Natives) account for about 0.8% of the total population Comanche Chief Quanah Parker (Native American Chiefs and Warriors). Sixty-four percent of eligible voters cast ballots in the 2004 presidential election, up from 60% in 2000. Voter registration was reported to be 72% nationwide. The next presidential election was to be held November 2008 Mathew Brady: Photographer of Our Nation: Photographer of Our Nation (Show Me America). Art Nouveau designers rejected the 19th century trend of drawing literally from classic, historical design sources ("revival styles" or "historicism"). Subject Matter: Usually organic imagery (leaves, stems, flowers, etc., but also such things as waves, fire, flowing hair of women) to non-objective design Gettysburg Address. She was accused of promoting "free love" and even jailed for her dissemination of information on contraceptives -- and in 1938 a case involving Sanger ended the prosecution under the Comstock Law. In the 1960s and 1970s, those who preached sexual liberation and sexual freedom adopted the term "free love," and those who opposed a casual sex lifestyle again used the term as prima facie evidence of the immorality of the practice read Remember the Maine!: The Spanish-American War Begins (First Battles) online.

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Streetcars were drawn by horses in the early years. The invention of the grip cable in 1870s and of electric traction in the late 1880s greatly increased their speed and reliability. By the end of the 19th century, everyday urban life was completely dependent on this mode of transport pdf. Practically, these could be maintained only in towns large enough to enroll students in sufficient numbers to justify paying teacher salaries and building schools. Carter's idea of a democratic school system would not fully begin to be realized for another 150 years, as reformers following the civil rights movement pressed for equal-opportunity schools Realism and Regionalism: (1860-1910) (Backgrounds to American Literature). He had been elaborating his technique until he was able to sustain the spacious framework of a five-act comedy by means of devices invented for use in the pettier comédie-vaudeville. In almost every department of the drama, including the librettos of grand opera and of opéra-comique, Scribe proved himself to be a consummate master of the art and mystery of play-making. He devoted himself to perfecting the mechanics of dramaturgy; and he has survived as the type of the playwright pure and simple, to be remembered by the side of Heywood and Kotzebue Presidents Of A Growing Countr (American Albums from the Collections of the Library of Congress). National Center for Health Statistics. (1991). Vital Statistics of the United States, 1987: Vol. National Center for Health Statistics. (1993a). "Annual Summary of Births, Marriages, Divorces, and Deaths: United States, 1992." National Center for Health Statistics. (1993b) The Fort Laramie Treaty, 1868: A Primary Source Examination of the Treaty That Established a Sious Reservation in the Black Hills of Dakota in 1868 (Primary Source of American Treaties). New York. 1929.] -1929 Tuskegee Syphilis Study 1929-1952 a study of possible differences in the effects of the disease on Caucasians and African Americans Fearless Scouts (True Tales of the Wild West). Missouri was an 1866 case growing out of the 1865 Missouri Constitution, which imposed numerous civil disabilities--prohibitions on engaging in various professions, holding certain types of property, and holding government office--on persons who had supported the Confederate cause The Long Walk: The Forced Navajo Exile (Landmark Events in Native American History).

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The shares of African immigrants born in Western, Eastern, and Middle Africa have increased substantially since 1980, the first year data is available for these regions. Conversely, the share of the African born from Northern Africa has decreased each decade since 1960, and the share from Southern Africa has decreased each decade since 1990 (see Table 2) The Politics of Slavery: Fiery National Debates Fueled by the Slave Economy (Slavery in American History). While less of a formal construction than the National Road, the Oregon Trail opened up far larger territories. The trail was directly responsible for the initial settling of Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon The Scandinavian American Family Album (American Family Albums). For most Americans, these alternate family arrangements were less than desirable. Most Americans sought the private, affectionate, comfortable family life with domestic wives, breadwinning husbands, and well-educated children Forts of the West (The American West). Two Lutheran synods, the Lutheran Church in America and the American Lutheran Church, merged in 1987 to form the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, with more than 5 million adherents in 2004. In June 1983, the two major Presbyterian churches, the northern-based United Presbyterian Church in the USA and the southern-based Presbyterian Church in the United States, formally merged as the Presbyterian Church (USA), ending a division that began with the Civil War download Remember the Maine!: The Spanish-American War Begins (First Battles) pdf. The plantation system enslaved the one-third of all Southerners who were black and excluded more and more poor whites Age of Reform and Industrialization 1896-1920 (American History by Era). Tribes originating in the Ohio Valley who moved west included the Osage, Kaw, Ponca and Omaha people. By the mid-17th century, they had resettled in their historical lands in present-day Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas and Oklahoma. The Osage warred with Caddo-speaking Native Americans, displacing them in turn by the mid-18th century and dominating their new historical territories. Discovery of the Mississippi by William Henry Powell (1823–1879) is a Romantic depiction of de Soto's seeing the Mississippi River for the first time Holt United States History: Premier Online Edition With Student Edition Cd-Rom 6 Year Grades 6-9 Beginnings to 1877 2007. Includes major newspapers as well as those published by African Americans, Native Americans, women's rights groups, labor groups, the Confederacy, and other groups and interests. Also included are illustrated papers that bring the nineteenth century to life through the drawings of many artists The Lincoln Way (Great Presidential Decisions). This unit will use William Cronon's work on Chicago and its emergence as a center for a Great West periphery as a case study to explore the environmental implications and consequences of urban development in 19th-century America epub. Written "by scholars from North America and Europe," it "demonstrates that both rural and urban communities in Sweden, Holland, England and other countries were far more violent during the late Middle Ages than any cities are today." (University of Illinois, 1996, back cover). 3. Johnson (Editor), The Civilization of Crime: Violence in Town and Country Since the Middle Ages (University of Illinois, 1996) In chapter 1, Mr Rooting for the Home Team: Sports in the 1800s (Daily Life in America in the 1800s).