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Representatives in the Congress and in state legislatures are elected to in single-member districts where the individual with the most votes wins. The federal Pure Food and Drug Act was passed in 1906. Once doors had been opened, expectations raised and new skills learned, how women used their education or what conclusions they drew from it were not always what their teachers – or society – intended. The swastika, for long time a symbol of the Teutonic Knights, had been in use by Lanz von Liebenfels, the Thule Society and a number of Freikorps units. -1920 Raymond Pearl (1879-1940) American population ecologist and geneticist; a chief proponent of statistical biology.

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Large estates of more than fifty square kilometers accounted for about 20 percent of all farmland, but few such estates were worked in efficient, large-scale units On the Way Home: The Diary of a Trip from South Dakota to Mansfield, Missouri, in 1894. Several armed rebellions broke out over this conflict, with Reformers taking to the streets, brandishing weapons and torching buildings. Many leading provocateurs were either jailed, hung or exiled to Australia, and in 1838 the frightened British sent over a new governor, Lord Durham (1792-1840), to examine the situation Now Is Your Time! The African-American Struggle for Freedom. Adoption is common, but reproductive technologies that allow infertile couples and gay couples to reproduce are highly valued. This reflects the importance of the concept of biological kinship in the culture. Alternative models of family life are important in American life. A great deal of scholarship has addressed the historical and economic conditions that have led to a high proportion of female-headed households and the incorporation of nonrelated members into family units among African-Americans The United States Enters the World Stage: From the Alaska Purchase through World War I, 1867-1919. Carolinian is also an official language in the Northern Mariana Islands. ^ Not including Hispanic or Latino ethnicity, see Race and ethnicity in the United States for more information. ^ Whether the United States or China is larger has been disputed Tecumseh and the Shawnee Confederation (Library of American Indian History). This act was amended in 1992 to add regulations improving the competitive position of broadcast television stations and directed the FCC to develop customer service standards for cable TV companies. The act was again amended in 1996 to further open cable systems to competition, allowing telephone companies to obtain franchises and relaxing rate restrictions American Frontier (Turning Points in World History). This conversion may have resulted in character translation or format errors in the HTML version Between Two Fires: Black Soldiers in the Civil War (The African-American Experience). Article IV, Section 2 of the Constitution, requiring the return of fugitive slaves, obviously contemplated that persons in the United States could be slaves. (300) Instead, the point for purposes of this article is that Spooner saw the Second Amendment as guaranteeing an individual right to own and use guns for self-defense or defense of others, and he used this fact in arguing against slavery American Frontier (Turning Points in World History (Hardcover)).

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What: Post-Impressionists weren't reacting against Impressionism, they were trying to take the ideas of Impressionism further. They also were not interested in the Impressionist's preoccupation with naturalism and momentary effects The Abolition of Slavery (Understanding American History). The expansion of communications, transportation and mass production became an equalizing force between rural and urban living as an expansive number of consumer goods became available by mail order and in large department stores The Underground Railroad (Great Escapes). The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, are still very much an open wound and influence the political debate to this day, with heightened security measures at airports being just one way in which terrorism (or the fear of it) has affected travelers. Economically, the "Great Recession", triggered in 2007 by the collapse of the housing market bubble, technically came to an end in 2009, but the average American continues to feel the negative effects several years on Texas and the Mexican War (Expanding America).

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The British-based legal system facilitated economic development and guaranteed contracts. And the free market outlook of most Amnericans prevented Government interference which had impeded economic development in many European countries. While the British legal tradition was vital for America, the Revolution was also a necessary for America's own industrial revolution The Robber Barons and the Sherman Antitrust Act: Reshaping American Business (Milestones in American History). Government outlays by function were as follows: general public services, 12.2%; defense, 19.1%; public order and safety, 1.4%; economic affairs, 7.0%; housing and community amenities, 2.0%; health, 23.4%; recreation, culture, and religion, 0.2%; education, 2.6%; and social protection, 32.0%. Measured as a proportion of the GDP, the total US tax burden is less than that in most industrialized countries Reconstruction Era Reference Library: Biography. D4. 15 Peter King. "Why is this man smiling?" Sports Illustrated Aug. 12, 1991, p. 13-14. 16 Bob Filligan, "Junior, leader of the Pack." Chicago became the center of trade between West and East because many rail lines met there. [111] There were problems between the white settlers and the native Indians as more people began to move west Abram Berry-A North Dakota Legend. Roosevelt served as lieutenant colonel. "Tampa was a scene of the wildest confusion," Teddy remembered. "There was no semblance of order." For the history of the right to arms in Tennessee, see Glenn Harlan Reynolds, The Right to Keep and Bear Arms Under the Tennessee Constitution: A Case Study in Civic Republican Thought, 61 Tenn Pioneering Women (True Tales of the Wild West). There never was a result to the battle - indeed it still continues as an opposition of taste. While the battle of styles was engaging the energies of the architects, great changes were being introduced in industry The Pony Express: A Primary Source History of the Race to Bring Mail to the American West (Primary Sources in American History).

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This was an added reason why men-of-letters kept turning from the drama to prose fiction, the rewards of which were just then becoming larger than ever before, as the boundless possibilities of serial publication were discovered, whereby the story-teller could get paid twice for one work Gettysburg (Battles That Changed the World). Due to a series of swamps and mountains where the two American continents join, there still is no road network linking them, and the two Americas only indirectly affect each other's development. The most distinctive and important feature of North America is the river network in the middle third of the continent. While its components are larger in both volume and length than most of the world's rivers, this is not what sets the network apart The Sweat of Their Brow: Occupations in the 1800s (Daily Life in America in the 1800s). After the war, many people left the farm to work in urban factories and came to rely on affordable, mass-produced goods. As manufacturers mass-produced foodstuffs, urban food retailing became specialized. S. cities, a customer might have to shop as many as a half-dozen specialty stores to obtain basic foods. A new breed of merchandisers brought the European idea of "department stores" to America Creating America: Beginnings through Reconstruction: Reading Study Guide (Spanish). By the beginning of the second half of the 19th century there were already vast stretches of coastal ocean floor around New York City and New Jersey which had been swept clean of natural oyster reefs. In terms of oysters they amounted to marine wasteland at this point. It was simply logical that an oysterman would not spend lots of time and money cultivating oysters on a section of this wasteland, if anybody could later help themselves to his oysters for free Romanticism and Transcendentalism: (1800-1860) (Backgrounds to American Literature). In the late eighteenth century, ... by the end of the 19th Century, ... Article Details: 5 19th-Century Utopian Communities in the United States. European Imperialism in the 19th Century. ... HOW DID IT DEVELOP IN EUROPE IN THE LATE 19TH CENTURY? The United States labor movement ... but this essay will focus primarily on the late 19th and early 20th century. .. Lincoln in His Own Words. Mergers were particularly common in industries such as oil and natural gas processing, consumer goods, and medical equipment The Sweat of Their Brow: Occupations in the 1800s (Daily Life in America in the 1800s). Army remained in Cuba until 1901, when the Cubans adopted a constitution that included the Platt Amendment. The amendment pledged Cubans to allow the United States to intervene in Cuban affairs when events threatened property, liberty, or Cuban independence From Reconstruction to the Present. Plays performed tended to follow the English classical tradition, with Shakespeare's plays and other standard English plays remaining popular. However, American-born playwrights and actors began to have an influence, and contemporary plays began to be performed regularly as well. Prior to the 1850s, a theater bill might include five or six hours of various entertainments, such as farces, a mainpiece, an afterpiece, musical entertainment, and ballet American Revolution Reference Library. However those whose income falls between $335,000 and $10 million are taxed at the full 34% which includes the initial $75,000. Corporations with income of over $15 million but not over $18,333,333 are subject to an additional 3% tax, while those corporations whose taxable income is over $18,333,333 are taxed at the 35% rate Presenting Buffalo Bill: The Man Who Invented the Wild West.