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This rapid immigration of Irish and other Europeans created fears among some native born Americans that the “foreigners” would bring undemocratic ideas, and authoritarian government. Standard Oil, however, continued without interference. And the fights in distant lands can be said to have shaped the young nation's conception of itself as a player on the international stage. S. are lower than in many European countries, keep in mind that you will be charged taxes/tariffs on goods purchased abroad.

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America in the 1960s (Decades of Twentieth-Century America)

Life on the Reservation (American West)

1863: The Crucial Year (American Albums from the Collections of the Library of Congress)

In addition many more Navajo served as Code talkers for the military in the Pacific. The code they made, although cryptologically very simple, was never cracked by the Japanese United States History: Student Edition Beginnings to 1914 2007. This Santa reigned without opposition over a vast empire. In a world of practicality, he prospered as a highly successful manufacturer and distributor of toys. From his fur coat to his full girth, he resembled the nation's Gilded Age presidents and its well-fed captains of industry. Labour conditions were idealized as well. A work force of skilled and reliable elf-labour helped secure Santa's place in the pantheon of American business, These North pole elves were not unlike immigrants working in the nation's sweatshops The Lincoln Way (Great Presidential Decisions). The first three groups were seen to produce something, while merchants were seen as making a profit without producing anything. Nevertheless, commerce developed in China to a high degree, but it was not protected by law and always subjected to governmental demands for “contributions.” Traditional China did also take part in some foreign trade through its history, but it was cast in terms of largess by the Emperor in return for tribute paid by states or tribes which acknowledged Chinese suzerainty The Mexican-American War (World History Series). In England, the text was first published in early May and became an even greater success: it was later claimed that in September "the London publishers furnished to one house 10,000 copies per day for about four weeks" and that more than a million copies were sold there by year's end, "probably ten times as many as have been sold of any other work, except the Bible and Prayer-book." * Elsewhere, the work was also soon reprinted, both in English and in translation, and one might claim that Uncle Tom's Cabin was the world's first true blockbuster The Sweat of Their Brow: Occupations in the 1800s (Daily Life in America in the 1800s). Na-Dené-speaking peoples entered North America starting around 8000 BCE, reaching the Pacific Northwest by 5000 BCE, and from there migrating along the Pacific Coast and into the interior. Linguists, anthropologists and archeologists believe their ancestors comprised a separate migration into North America, later than the first Paleo-Indians. They migrated into Alaska and northern Canada, south along the Pacific Coast, into the interior of Canada, and south to the Great Plains and the American Southwest Geography Of Hope:Black Exodus.

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Many towns and/or counties throw fairs to commemorate the establishment of a town or the county with rides, games, and other attractions. All 50 states have one or more state fairs. Originally these were competitions and shows to promote agriculture and livestock; now they include industrial product exhibitions, concerts, and carnival rides and games Leaders of the North and South (American War Library). The population had swelled to 75 million people, now engaged in both agriculture and commerce. The average life span lengthened to more than 50 Industrial Revolution Reference Library Primary Sources. Employed Workers in the Civilian Labor Force (ages 16 and older) by Occupation and Origin, 2014 Source: MPI tabulation of data from the U download. Four years later the Youngs Rubber Company introduced Trojan brand condoms. Believing in "the promise of American life" (the title of a 1909 book by Herbert Croly), reformers in what is known as the Progressive Era advocated laws designed to fulfill that promise. The results of their efforts included the Pure Food and Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act (1906), intended to protect consumers against tainted or unsafe products; the Federal Reserve Act (1913), to bring order to the banking industry; the establishment of the Federal Trade Commission (1913), to investigate and prosecute corporations for unfair trade practices; and the Clayton Anti-Trust Act (1914), to curb the power of trusts Mary Todd Lincoln: Civil War's First Lady (Legendary American Biographies).

Civil War and Reconstruction (1850-1877) (Presidents of the United States)

Across America: Lewis and Clark Expedition (Discovery & Exploration)

Manifest Destiny was a bad idea, in hindsight, for several reasons. One: it essentially gave white Americans the incentive and cleared them of any guilt for stealing lands tha…t had been previously promised to Native American tribes by the U. Two: the massive exodus from people from the eastern states into the center created an agricultural society that the land couldn't actually support read With Courage and Cloth: Winning the Fight for a Woman's Right to Vote online. For instance, Arkansas, Florida, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Washington, and Wyoming do not have state income taxes, while other states, such as Ohio or California, have income taxes as high as 10 percent of earnings Terrible Typhoid Mary: A True Story of the Deadliest Cook in America. As far as oysters were concerned, the Chesapeake Bay was strictly a hunting ground, not a place for any kind of cultivation Prohibition (History Firsthand). In 1898, the United States fought a war with Spain called the Spanish-American War. The United States won, and gained Puerto Rico, Guam, Guantanamo and the Philippines. [119] Combined with the purchase of Alaska and the taking-over of Hawaii, the United States had gained all the territory it has today, plus some it would later lose after World War II. [120] Around this time, the U America in the 1950s (Decades of Twentieth-Century America). Many reformers feared that drunkenness—particularly the increasing prevalence of binge drinking—was a threat to law abiding society and economic prosperity. How could men act as responsible workers and vote as responsible citizens if they were insensible with drink The Lincoln Way (Great Presidential Decisions)? What do their expressions or postures tell you? According to the essay “Line Inspection at Ellis Island,” written by a Bureau of Immigration inspector, what process did people go through when they arrived at Ellis Island Lincoln in His Own Words? Find out more about what this space is all about here. These pages come from a book produced by Vermont student Frances Henshaw in 1828 A House Divided: The Lives of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee (Jules Archer History for Young Readers). Immigrant Women in Line for Inspection, 1914 Immigrant Girls Coming to Work, 1914 Line Inspection at Ellis Island, 1924 The Unskilled Immigrant in Chicago, 1924 Is the United States “a nation of immigrants,” a “land of opportunity,” and refuge for the world’s persecuted and poor? Is the country made stronger by its ability to welcome and absorb people from around the world Outlaws and Lawmen: Crime and Punishment in the 1800s (Daily Life in America in the 1800s)?

History of Free Blacks in America (Lucent Library of Black History)

Annie Oakley: Legendary Sharpshooter (Historical American Biographies)

Monroe Doctrine: The Cornerstone of American Foreign Policy (Milestones in American History)

Which Way to the Wild West?: Everything Your Schoolbooks Didn't Tell You About Westward Expansion

American War Library - The Civil War: Lincoln and the Abolition of Slavery

American History Stories, Volume III (Yesterday's Classics)

The Cold War (American History)

Conquest Of The West (American Albums from the Collections of the Library of Congress)

A Little House Traveler: Writings from Laura Ingalls Wilder's Journeys Across America (Little House Nonfiction)

Comanche Chief Quanah Parker (Native American Chiefs and Warriors)

Jesse James (Legends of the Wild West)

From Democracy's Roots to a Country Divided: America from 1816 to 1850 (Documenting America: the Primary Source Documents of a Nation)

Audience answers in real time using mobile phones, Twitter, or web browsers Yes download! The papers reported that sailors from Cuba and the South American countries were importing large quantities of cannabis into New Orleans, and that marihuana smoking had become widespread, even among children "'The Waif's Home, at this time was reputedly full of children, both white and colored, who had been brought in under the influence of the drug online. Electronics stores — the computers on display are often connected to the Internet. A quick email will be tolerated with a smile, six hours of Warcraft won't. The Apple Store is particularly generous and will allow browsing without intent to buy; however, some websites, such as Facebook, are blocked. University libraries — while private universities may restrict entry to their students and faculty, public university libraries are generally required by law to be open to the public (at least as far as books go) and they may also have a computer or two for public use download With Courage and Cloth: Winning the Fight for a Woman's Right to Vote pdf. Races and ethnicities mingled in the late 19th-century West. Immigrants from Scandinavia and ethnic Germans from Russia settled farms in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Irish, Cornish, and Slovak miners moved to the mountain states Songs And Stories Of Civil War. And yet, though this truth would seem so clear, and the importance of a well-regulated militia would seem so undeniable, it cannot be disguised, that among the American people there is a growing indifference to any system of militia discipline, and a strong disposition, from a sense of its burdens, to be rid of all regulations Chasing Lincoln's Killer. The one major online exception to this trend has been The Wall Street Journal 's Internet site, www.wsj.com Longknives: The U.S. Cavalry and Other Mounted Forces, 1845-1942 (G.I. Series). To date, no comprehensive study of gender and Jewish assimilation in twentieth-century America exists, despite pioneering work by Paula Hyman. Since immigration usually initiated the process of Jewish assimilation in America, the concept of generational change remains useful Annie Oakley: Legendary Sharpshooter. See Constitution for the Provisional Government of the Confederate States of America, art. I, � 7, cl. 10; Constitution of the Confederate States of America, art. I, � 9, cl. 13, reprinted in Charles Robert Lee, Jr., The Confederate Constitutions apps. The Confederate Constitution adopted the United States Constitution's Bill of Rights word for word The Fort Laramie Treaty, 1868: A Primary Source Examination of the Treaty That Established a Sious Reservation in the Black Hills of Dakota in 1868 (Primary Source of American Treaties). The surveys contributed greatly, however, to the geographical knowledge of the American West and provided source materials for making detailed railroad and general maps The War of 1812: A Primary Source History of America's Second War with Britain (Primary Sources in American History). Following the success of these pictures, Wood determined to devote his attention to genre. This painting bears the same title as one of Wood's 1867 pictures. Although the subject is identified as a Confederate cavalry officer by the coat hanging on a peg, the harsh reality of post-war life is every bit as evident. Like Winslow Homer's The Veteran in a New Field, c. 1865 (pictured above at left) both hint at the carnage of war The Indian Reservation System (At Issue). City dwelling German immigrants routinely worked in industries such as bakeries, meat cutting, cabinet making, breweries, distilleries, machine shops and tailoring. Immigration from the United Kingdom, which had waned in the years following the revolutionary war, once again increased in post-Civil War United States Victory in Destruction: The Story of William Tecumseh Sherman (Civil War Generals).